Last question! I have had great success (speed and accuracy) with the new Barnes Triple Shock bullets (ie. 150gr. 300 Win Mag 3500 fps with sub 1/2” groups). I have tried various brands of copper solvents: CR-10, Shotters Choice, Hoppes, Copper Melt, Sweets, ect. Nothing works extremely well. Copper Melt seems to work the quickest, any better suggestions or products out there? I like to shoot, but hate cleaning guns.

I hate cleaning guns too! I use Hoppes solvents but am not an expert on what is the very best. I seem to be able to maintain the rifles accuracy fairly well. I will try the copper melt!

I hope this information is helpful. It very well may only be worth what it cost you… nothing! But hopefully you will find some value in it.

Best of luck in your hunting, and thanks for watching our DVD’s and Hunting Show!


Jack Brittingham